June 13, 2024

Sons of Montezuma Podcast

San Diego State


Matteo Ortiz, Stan James, Dan Morton

Podcast Inauguration:

August 2017


Sons of Montezuma was founded in 2017 as an Aztecs supporters social media brand, creating player graphics and an original football podcast aimed at keeping the old Montezuma traditions alive.

With little-to-no SDSU representation amongst the many college sports and recruiting news websites, Sons of Montezuma is doing what has never been done before. With news articles, in-depth recruiting updates, game video analysis, and original merchandise, Sons of Montezuma will be exactly what the ever growing SDSU alumni base and die-hard fan is looking for—MORE! The Sons of Montezuma podcast is a football focused show providing in-season pre & post game analysis, in addition to off-season recruiting updates, which have been our most popular episodes to date.


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