June 13, 2024

Woods, Water, Mizzou



Case, Cole, and Skeeter

Podcast Inauguration:

September, 2022


Welcome to “The Woods, Water, Mizzou Podcast” the podcast where three die-hard Mizzou sports fans combine their love for Tigers athletics with their passion for the great outdoors. Join us as we dive into the latest news and updates on Mizzou sports, from football and basketball to baseball and beyond. But we’re not just about the games on the field. We’re also avid hunters and anglers, and we’ll share our adventures, tips, and tricks for hunting deer, turkey, and other game, as well as our favorite spots for casting a line and reeling in the big one. Whether we’re discussing the latest game highlights, sharing stories from our outdoor excursions, or debating the best strategies for bagging that trophy buck or landing the perfect trout, one thing’s for sure: we’re all in, whether we’re cheering on the Tigers or exploring the great outdoors. So grab your gear and join us for “The Woods, Water, Mizzou” – where Mizzou sports meets outdoor adventure!